A Russian Fairytale


As much as I love art with a fantasy element, it can sometimes verge slightly too far over the line. It can become almost ‘nerdy’ and cliché. I say cliché as,for example, often all the men will be be depicted as having rippling muscles and the woman in skimpy outfits or (even worse) armour plates (which lets face it wouldn’t provide protection from anything larger than a teaspoon, but do give her a fuck tonne of cleavage)!

However, this is not the case with the work of Margarita Kareva, her beautiful photography work captures the essence of Russian fairytales. As a child Kareva’s passion was reading. Delving deep into stories filled with all manner of mystic and fantastic creatures this translated and extended into her photography work (which subsequently, she only began a mere 5 years ago by chance).

Her work depicts woman against breathtaking landscapes and backdrops providing a sense of wonder, mystery and in many cases, power. This paired with her expert use of elaborate props and intricately created costumes she crafts enchanting portraits which truly capture the viewers mind and sense of wonder.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Take a look a more of her stunning work by visiting her Instagram page @karevamargo


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