Puzzling together the pixels


It’s clear to see what immediately drew us to the incredible sculpture work of artist Hsu Tung Han. He creates beautiful, lifelike sculptures of the human form simply from carving wood. However, his pieces reflect the modern world as they appear pixelated, glitches appear to scatter across his work. As if portions are missing, being replaced with something similar, but all together by the same.

Each sculpture is meticulously planned out. First preparation drawings are created before modelling it from clay. Only then can the final piece begin to be carefully crafted and constructed . By using pieces of either walnut, teak or African wax wood the sculpture can be carved and placed together, like a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Han describes how he uses both the negative and positive space to set his piece into motion. Subsequently, the pixels, once placed, show a ‘tranquility pulled apart’ by unrest.

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Now, we understand his work may not be to everyone’s taste (as is the case with most art), however his level skill cannot be disputed. Hsu Tung Han truly shows how an artist can beautifully manipulate their medium to produce exciting results.


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