Mixing it up!

Here at VinylOctopus we love a whole lot of different types of art, however there’s something about using a different medium that we love. And that’s exactly what drew us to artist Holly Voden. Carefully and quickly she uses a mix of resin and coloured paints to create stunning pieces, each beautifully unique.


She begins with a large canvas before throwing/pouring/sploshing/splattering (anything really) paint over it, which are then layered multiple times, providing depth her work. Next, using a heat gun she both dries and mixes the pant to create hypnotic, almost cosmic landscapes. Additionally, once dried the resin produces a reflective, almost polished finish that appears to flow beautifully and captures the eye.


Check out the time lapse video of Voden creating one of her art resin pieces below.

Additionally check out more of her work at http://www.hollyvoden.com


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