Sex education is still failing young gay men and women


Remember when we were all younger and had THOSE sex ed lesson. They were always a little awkward, I mean lets face it, sex was funny at that age, a taboo subject, something we didn’t really speak openly about in our own friendship circles; let alone in school…with teachers! We all remember the diagrams, putting a condom on some phallic object and lets not forget the whole photos of penis’ and vagina, which come on, at the time just made us feel a little uncomfortable. But after all that do you really remember anything being spoken about gay sex?

I mean, speaking from my own experience i remember it been spoken about very (and I mean brushed over faster Usian Bolt doing the 100 metres). We had a box, and at lunch you could write any questions you had about sex, relations of STI then post them in this little box. And i remember, actually really clearly, my teacher pulling out a small scrap of paper with the question ‘how do gays have sex?’

This of course was followed by a few awkward side glances and a few giggles before the small answer of ‘well, I’m not sure if this is a joke or serious but I’ll answer it anyway, and i believe anally’. I guess that stuck with me to this day as it really wasn’t an explanation at all (and the fact it was seen as a joking matter was completely absurd).

I guess what we are getting at here is that sex education within UK schools is failing young gay men and women. Not only is safe intercourse not being discussed but nor are homosexual relationships as a whole. Additionally this lack of education creates a stigma that gay sex is something to be ashamed off and shouldn’t be discussed.

These preconceived ideas can really be nipped in the bud if children are taught from a younger age that relationships come in a variety of forms and combinations. Children deserve to be taught an all inclusive sex education on how to stay safe and enjoy healthy relationships.

However, its easy to say the government should start providing more of an inclusive education; although, as a teacher myself i know there would be outrage from some parents if I were to begin teaching a fully inclusive sex education within my classroom. Which leads me to the bigger picture…how truly accepted within society is the concept of ‘being gay’ on the whole?

All in all, the issue stems much deeper that first thought…what are your views on the issue?

We’d love to hear!


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