The incredible Monsters, Skulls and Demons of Matt Reid

It’s easy to see what caught our attention to Australian born Matt Reid’s work. His crisp and clean, striking black and white  truly take us on a trip of all thing grim. We caught up with Sydney based Matt to find out more about him and his work.


Hey Matt, so tell us a bit about you growing up, was art always a key factor in your life?

Growing up, the extent of my art was early morning cartoons or reading comics. It wasn’t  until I was older that I began to appreciate art for art sake.
Even from a young age though I loved line doodling monsters and such. I’ve always had a love for the macabre though, if you look through my old sketch books  it is nothing but
a child’s rendition of skulls and demons.

So when did you transition from being a child doodling to becoming a professional artist as a full time career?

It was only recently actually (6 months to a year ago) that my art career took off and  its been a bit of a roller coaster ever since. In the last 6 months my social media has sort of boomed and I’ve had an influx of work.

Where do you get your initial ideas and inspiration from? Are you influenced by anything or anyone in particular?

My idea’s are usually derived from either a  phrase or sentence that resonates enough with me to create some sort of mental image. I’ve always enjoyed Gothic fiction novels and darker imagery. Style wise I love traditional line work like the works of Gustave Dore or M C Escher, so stylistically they were big influences.  I have a few modern day influences as well; the works of The Godmachine, Dan Mumford and Richey Beckett have been huge impacts on my illustration career as a whole. They were the artists who inspired me to even try to get into the industry so without them I wouldn’t be doing this.

So tell us, how do you then get from this inspiration or initial idea to your final result?

Usually I’ll sketch up an image on paper, with little to no detail. Once i’m happy with the general layout and composition of the artwork I will begin to add detail in pencil. It hits a certain point where I just switch to pens, inking in my line work first, followed by line work shading / cross hatching and at the end I fill in the voids with a marker. When that is finished I scan the artwork into Photoshop and using the contrast and brightness tool I
solidify my blacks and add in back ground details (such as the moon and stars) as it contrasts the foreground better and appears cleaner. In Photoshop I will also remove any blemishes or smudges that are visible. Giving the final artwork a rather crisp, clean feeling.

5. What’re you currently working on that excites you?
I am currently working on a few projects but I am very excited to be working on an artwork for a Australian band called Amber Architect.  The artwork is something completely out of my element and composition wise is very different from alot of my other pieces as well.

That sounds really cool, so then  what does the future hold for you and your art?

All I can hope for with my art is to grow, to progress in both dedication and skill to the craft. I love what I do but I’m always trying to improve my style and try out new mediums and such. If I could do this for the rest of my life, I will be a very happy man.

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Matt truly is a skilled artist, that cant be disputed. If you want to check out his large body of work take a look at his Instagram @m_r92

You wont be disappointed! We cant wait to order one of his prints and get it up on the wall!


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