Making vegetables look appetising!

Here at VinylOctopus we always seem to be instinctively drawn to intricate work. And this is no exception with today’s artist Gaku, who’s work, although looking painstaking precise is both eye-catching and mesmerising.

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Gaku primarily focuses his work on the Japanese tradition of Mukimoni, which is simply the art of decorative garnishs. However this is taken to an entirely new level. Working with vegetables that many of us have at home such as carrots or eggplants he intricately carves them into flowers, fans and various patterns focusing on a modern architectural look. This lends his pieces to have an almost hypnotic factor about them.

However his work is always a race against time to complete before they begin to Tim Brown is the oxidise. Subsequently he has to work at lightning speed to complete them before they turned to mush.

However after they’re all finished he does what he believes to be the logical thing and simply eats them.

Are you as mesmerised as we are?


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