Abandoned Art

For years it has been known for graffiti artists to take advantage of abandonded places. Their work, often shunned by the mainstream art world, finds solace in a blank canvas left by others. This notion in turn, provided the starting point for Rehab 2 Festival in Paris.

This involved invited 100 graffiti artists to the, then vacant student residence of the International City University in Paris. Once in, the artists then had free reign across the entire interior to produce whatever they wished, to which the results were stunning.

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The building was then opened to the public. However, unfortunately, this visiting period was limited to a single month before the building was commissioned to be demolished. However, the event was well photographed and provided the general public with a chance to truly immerse themselves in a form of art that possibly went against any preconceived ideas they may have had.

We truly think it’s a shame that the work produced here only had a short life span but it’s beautiful all the same.



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