Table for Two

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Unfortunately it’s all too common for incredibly talented musicians to go under the radar and for their music to not get the recognition it deserves, due to the completion in the industry. This appears to have been the case with British singer and song writer Elli Ingram.

Growing up in Brighton, Elli came from a musical house where her dad played in a classic rock cover band. Her soulful voice, with its impressive, range, along with her blend of soul and R&B, she had created her latest incredible single ‘Table for Two’.

Her first single, since her mini album ‘Doghouse’ back in 2014, Table for Two explores the issue of a crumbling relationship.
Take a listen below…

After touring with Chase and Status, playing to over 10,000 people at Glastonbury and currently signed to Island records, it’s clear that Elli Ingram is going far.

Follow her on Instagram @ elliingram or visit her website

New Month, New Music


Once again the time has come for a new VinylOctopus playlist. So up goes the playlist for July!
This month we bring to you 10 of our favourite songs for this month. Some old, some new but all of them good.

Featured this month we’ve got the likes of Tiggi Hawk and Earl, who have both made an appearance this month, so if you haven’t had an opportunity to listen to them now is your chance!

To top it off we’ve got new music from Eden, BAUM, Jungle and many more!
Take a listen…

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Her name is Earl


Alaska born Earl began singing at 14 in the church choir. However, she moved to California following both love and music which subsequently is where she got the advice that changed her life.

‘Sing for everyone, you’re only six degrees of separation away’.

Because of this little tidbit she did just that, which eventually lead her to make a new home in London where she became a BBC introducing artist which in turn kickstarted her career.

Looking at her most recent single ‘Tongue Tied’ (which is in fact also shares its name with her album title) it’s clear to see that she gets her inspiration from the greats, such as Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse. Sharing some comparisons to Caro Emerald, her sultry voice slides effortlessly between the bouncing rhythm of Tongue tied.

Have a listen below…

Currently Tongue tied is doing the rounds on BBC radio 2, but it’s also available on iTunes right now.


Will Heard will be heard!


With a strong smooth voice that cascades gently over his equally captivating tracks it’s easy to see, or rather hear, why Will Heard’s music is making waves.

The London based, 25-year-old British singer/songwriter originally came to our attention a while ago, back in 2013 to be exact. At this time he lent his vocals to the track Sonnentanz by Klangkarussell, which in turn chartered at number three in the top 40.

However, what many in fact know him from, is a YouTube video that racked up over 7 million views in a mere six months, in which him, along with supermodel turned actress, Cara delivigne performed an acoustic song together, catapulting him in to the public eye.

Since then Will has been away working on his new EP – Trust, which he’s finally released! A beautiful blend of strong, catchy beats, paired with his own lyrics allowing us to connect on a personal level.

Anyway, don’t just trust us, take a listen for yourself below and let us know what you think…

Also take a look at his soundcloud!

Gritty, Souly, Hippie Boy

Describing himself as a gritty, souly, hippie boy it easy to see Martin Luke Brown’s appeal. Uk born, from Leicester in the Midlands, he commands his own unique style with a scruffy, handsome 80’s throwback image to match.

Taking influence from the greats; Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and Ray Charles he produces an eclectic selection, whilst all remaining within his style, each having their own charm and appeal. From his song ‘Shadow and light’, lyrically beautiful and heartfelt to ‘Take me out’ displaying a heavier, up beat song in which we hear first-hand his strong falsetto vocals, its clear to see he will go far.

His voice is beautifully calm yet strong, with airy, raspy tones whilst maintaining to be clean and controlled. With an already an impressive resume to hand which includes such highlights as supporting the Maccabees and Newton Faulker. We here at VinylOctopus really think he’s really one to watch.
Find out a bit more about him at
His EP Take out of me is available now on iTunes.