Sex Sells

Fashion has always been at the forefront of pushing boundaries within society. However, some could debate it sometimes goes too far.


Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta of fashion brand Eckhaus Latta caused a stir with their 2017 Spring/Summer campaign. This depicted real images of couples having sex with strategically blurred out sections. Eckhaus Latta explains that they wanted to explore the connections between sexuality, relationships and fashion, whilst mirroring the age old notation that ‘sex sells’.

Furthermore, they wanted the images to look as true as possible, explaining that the sweat you see between the participants is exactly that, not oil or a camera trick, but exactly what it appears. They go on to elaborate that the only intervention they had throughout the shoot were small things, such as moving hair or an arm so the ‘sex’ could be seen clearly.

They go in to explain one of the hardest parts was finding people to take part with people struggling to see the relation to clothes.

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Would you buy their clothing?

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Is it cheating?


For gay men talking to other gay men online has never been easier. Through apps such ad Grindr, Scruff and hornet (just to name a few….and that really is the tip of the iceberg) a conversation with another gay guy is merely a click away. Because of this convenience and accessibility, the lines of what can be perceived as cheating have, for some people, become blurred, so much so that the question is often posed; is it actually cheating?

It’s a difficult one. I pose the scenario, for example, you have been talking to a guy on Grindr, it’s a bit flirty but you have no intention of sleeping with him. He might even send you photo but you won’t send one back. But like I said, you don’t plan on meeting up…so is it cheating?

I guess, one way to look at it would be how would you feel? Would you be fine if your partner were doing the same? But this has one crucial fault at the end of the day…your partner isn’t you! In fact they can be entirely different, opposite in every way. Just because you would be fine with them flirting wth others doesn’t mean it would be the same if the shoe were on the other foot.

Possibly, the only way to truly understand would be to ask your partner what they actually think. Find out from the horse’s mouth as it were. Then surely it couldn’t be misconstrued.

However, intent can also play a huge factor. If you do not intend to meet up or actually do/send anything than how does it differ from merely window shopping on Instagram, or checking a guy out in the street. Possibly, when you introduce the element of intent to go out of your way to do something, then maybe a line would be crossed.

All in all, relationships in general, with the rise of social media and apps aimed at casual encounters muddy the waters, making it extremely difficult to define was is and not OK.

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Where is the line?

Abandoned Art

For years it has been known for graffiti artists to take advantage of abandonded places. Their work, often shunned by the mainstream art world, finds solace in a blank canvas left by others. This notion in turn, provided the starting point for Rehab 2 Festival in Paris.

This involved invited 100 graffiti artists to the, then vacant student residence of the International City University in Paris. Once in, the artists then had free reign across the entire interior to produce whatever they wished, to which the results were stunning.

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The building was then opened to the public. However, unfortunately, this visiting period was limited to a single month before the building was commissioned to be demolished. However, the event was well photographed and provided the general public with a chance to truly immerse themselves in a form of art that possibly went against any preconceived ideas they may have had.

We truly think it’s a shame that the work produced here only had a short life span but it’s beautiful all the same.


There is no Reality in art


Australian artist Sutu brings a new definition to art focus on no inly what is there but also what is not. Throughout his ‘Prosthetic Reality’ collection Sutu uses the relative new medium of ‘Augmented art’.

Through the use of the mobile app ‘Eyejack’ his art is transformed into motion. Colours, patterns, depth and form often change, merging and colliding to create an entirely new body of work whilst holding strong links to the originals pieces.

Truly fascinating and mesmerising to watch his work has a beautiful uniqueness.

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New Month, New Music

The May playlist is up!


This month is the month of the chilled out playlist. We’ve collated together 10 of our favourite chilled out songs. Some old, some new but all guaranteed to relax you. We take a look at some of Miley Cyrus’ new music whilst also bouncing back to a more indie sound with a laid back beat.

Come take a listen to out May playlist, perfect for these sunny days!

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Tiny Suspended Worlds


Here at VinylOctopus we love an intricate piece of work and there no exception with today’s artist, Dutch born Rosa de Jong. Much like a ship in a bottle she handcrafts beautiful, delicate minute worlds inside long slender glass tubes. These tiny land masses supporting various elements such as tress, buildings and tents, whilst they appear to suspend in mid-air; lending a sense of tranquility to her work.

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Titled ‘Micro Matters’ her pieces actually require zero planning, with De Jong stating that she often wings it and simply places this where they look right. Usually taking on average a day to complete, she uses various elements such as sticks and bark bought into the house by her cat.


Overall her work aims to look at what we call home and how it compares to the entire world, reflecting on how small and comfortable our own tiny world can seem in the grand scheme of things.

If you love her work as much as we do, take a look at her instagram @byrosa we’ve already followed!