There is no Reality in art


Australian artist Sutu brings a new definition to art focus on no inly what is there but also what is not. Throughout his ‘Prosthetic Reality’ collection Sutu uses the relative new medium of ‘Augmented art’.

Through the use of the mobile app ‘Eyejack’ his art is transformed into motion. Colours, patterns, depth and form often change, merging and colliding to create an entirely new body of work whilst holding strong links to the originals pieces.

Truly fascinating and mesmerising to watch his work has a beautiful uniqueness.

Take a look at the video below…

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New Month, New Music

The May playlist is up!


This month is the month of the chilled out playlist. We’ve collated together 10 of our favourite chilled out songs. Some old, some new but all guaranteed to relax you. We take a look at some of Miley Cyrus’ new music whilst also bouncing back to a more indie sound with a laid back beat.

Come take a listen to out May playlist, perfect for these sunny days!

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Tiny Suspended Worlds


Here at VinylOctopus we love an intricate piece of work and there no exception with today’s artist, Dutch born Rosa de Jong. Much like a ship in a bottle she handcrafts beautiful, delicate minute worlds inside long slender glass tubes. These tiny land masses supporting various elements such as tress, buildings and tents, whilst they appear to suspend in mid-air; lending a sense of tranquility to her work.

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Titled ‘Micro Matters’ her pieces actually require zero planning, with De Jong stating that she often wings it and simply places this where they look right. Usually taking on average a day to complete, she uses various elements such as sticks and bark bought into the house by her cat.


Overall her work aims to look at what we call home and how it compares to the entire world, reflecting on how small and comfortable our own tiny world can seem in the grand scheme of things.

If you love her work as much as we do, take a look at her instagram @byrosa we’ve already followed!

Waste not, Want not

Occasionally we love to just show you all something cool if we stumble across it, which is exactly what’s happened here so bear with us people.


In the UK alone, over 34 million water bottles are used every day with only around 50% of them being recycles which in turn has a huge impact on the environment. However, to combat this Skipping Rocks Lab have created ‘OOHO’.

‘OOHO’ is an edible alternative to plastic bottles. It’s formed of a flexible spherical membrane created from seaweed and contains a liquid mix of water, chloride and brown algae extract which aims to hydrate whilst remaining tasty.

Each water module has a shelf life of between 4 – 6 weeks before it begins to decompose, much like a piece of fruit. However, they can be coloured and flavoured in a variety of different combinations. Additionally, they are cheaper to produce than plastic. Although, currently, they are only available at select events although, we expect they could have the potential to become part of our everyday lives.

What do you guys think?

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New Month, New Music

Firstly, we need to apologise, we haven’t posted in a while but we’re back now.


So without further adue here’s our April playlist, the top 10 songs we love at the moment!

This month’s playlist see the return of Paramore with a more bubbly sound as well as the incredible lyrical genius that is Kendrick Lamar (contrasting, we know! But when its good, it’s good!)

So take a listen below or search VinylOctopus on Spotify! Let us know what you think…

Happy April! The March playlist is here!


So let’s start by just saying apologies for this being late up,  we spent quite a bit of time deliberating what should go on this months list. However you’ll be happy to here we’ve done it!

Just to name a few, Becky Hill returns with some of her own music as well as taking a look at some of Calvin Harris’ newer chilled sound!

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Making vegetables look appetising!

Here at VinylOctopus we always seem to be instinctively drawn to intricate work. And this is no exception with today’s artist Gaku, who’s work, although looking painstaking precise is both eye-catching and mesmerising.

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Gaku primarily focuses his work on the Japanese tradition of Mukimoni, which is simply the art of decorative garnishs. However this is taken to an entirely new level. Working with vegetables that many of us have at home such as carrots or eggplants he intricately carves them into flowers, fans and various patterns focusing on a modern architectural look. This lends his pieces to have an almost hypnotic factor about them.

However his work is always a race against time to complete before they begin to Tim Brown is the oxidise. Subsequently he has to work at lightning speed to complete them before they turned to mush.

However after they’re all finished he does what he believes to be the logical thing and simply eats them.

Are you as mesmerised as we are?